Review by customer for Jenifer

She is very hot and patient. I loved to feel her stiff nipples. She was wearing elegant but straightforward underwear that made it easy for me to suck and lick whatever I wanted. At the same time, it almost made me cum prematurely. I tried to make it last longer, but luckily I also had time to start a new more than just one time. She didn’t smoke but didn’t mind when I later lighted a cigarette, because I felt like it was the best part of the ending because I felt very relaxed and accomplished. This girl knows how to show her looks and moves in the best manner. Jenifer was one of my all-time favourites. She enjoys her job and loves giving pleasure as much as she loves receiving it. We had fantastic chemistry because much like her – I too enjoy giving in love as much as I love receiving it. Jenifer has a cute face and a naughty attitude. She owns several sexy outfits that complement her body, which is one of the best I’ve seen on a woman. I miss my old Asian girlfriend dearly, and I hope she will see me again. She is lovely and enjoys what she does. In person, she is more beautiful, and her smile is adorable. Will keep meeting her again and again.

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